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Angela Schellenberg is a licensed LMHCA Trauma Counselor.  She specializes in helping clients deal with early childhood trauma, acute trauma, gun violence survivors, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and Childhood Trauma. 

Angela works with  individuals, families, couples, teens, and children in a counseling setting.  She is trained in EMDR, Restorative Retelling, EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, ACT, DBT, CBT, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. She works with families,  couples, individuals and teens. As a humanistic counselor she uses a wide variety of tools to help her clients.  Angela never believes there is a one size fits all approach. She is skilled at helping her clients through processing trauma,  conflict resolution, communication, grief, loss, anxiety, and depression. Angela also works with clients overseas she and her family lived as expats in Asia for over 9 years.  She brings with her an awareness of culture from living abroad.  Angela understands collective trauma and helps her clients identify who they are, what happened to them and develop a sense of safety, identity and self-esteem through a strength-based narrative.  Angela is empathetic, she cares deeply for her clients and and strives to empower them to live their best lives in spite of their pain.  

Angela began her career as an elementary teacher. She is certified in grades K-8, with a reading endorsement.  Angela has taught in Elementary School classrooms in the United States and in international schools in Asia.  With her family, Angela lived and worked in China, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. Angela has successfully led and created businesses. Internationally, she served as the Executive Director of Endeavor Children’s Services in Asia where she helped train orphanage leaders on how to teach orphaned children, focusing on identity, self-esteem, and resilience.  Angela works with gun violence survivors and advocates for their healing.  She is a writer, social justice warrior and fierce advocate for children.  

Angela offers a free consultation because she believes that finding a counselor that is a good fit for you is important.  She is warm hearted, she loves connecting with others, skilled in communication, positivity and she helps activate her clients to take charge of their own healing.  Angela views her role as a counselor like holding up a mirror and helping her clients love the person they see looking back at them.  

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