Motherless Daughters

Losing your mother is like losing your light.  I know because I lost my mother the first time when I was 11 to mental illness.  I became her care taker while coming of age.  My mother died when I was twenty-two and I have been on a healing journey ever since.  It's one of the reasons I decided to become a counselor and work with clients who have lost their mothers.  

When we lose our mothers especially while coming of age we have to learn how to parent and mother ourselves.  Mother-loss  takes away our sense of safety, self esteem and identity in the world.  I work with motherless daughters to help them learn how to mother themselves after losing their mothers.  

I run a monthly Motherless Daughters group in the Seattle Area that helps motherless daughters connect after loss.  I also work with motherless daughters online.  

If you have lost your mom and need some help with the grief, loss, anxiety you may be experiencing please reach out to me via email [email protected] or phone 4256283354. 

If you are interested in joining the motherless daughter group please contact me as well.  

Here is a list of helpful books after motherless that I recommend to my clients.  

1. Motherless Daughters by Hope Eldeman.  This is a book every woman needs to own after losing her mother.  It gives insight to how this profound loss effects a daughter over a lifetime.  If you have a friend who just lost her mother please get this book for her.  She will keep it by her bed always.  

Motherless Daughters

Motherless can often unravel us with the magnitude of grief that hits us.  Specifically in our twenties.  If you want to read how motherless isn unravel us and send us on a journey to find our way back to ourselves you must read, "Wild", by Cheryl Strayed.  

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

It's ok to not be ok.  This is such a true statement and if you have lost your mother you know that it can take a very long time to feel again after this profound loss.  Megan Devine does a great job explaining this in her book and on her site.  This is a must have when dealing with grief and loss.  

It's Ok that you're not ok.

Claire Bidwell Smith is an author and grief therapist.  Her book, "The Rules of Inheritance", was profoundly helpful in dealing with the loss of both of my parents by the early age of twenty two.  Claire lost both of her parents to cancer around the same time while coming of age.  

The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith

I love this new book by Claire Bidwell Smith about Anxiety, the missing stage of grief.  I have found this to be true with most motherless daughters that I work with.  Anxiety is real.  

Anxiety the missing stage of grief





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