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Therapy and Horses are two of my favorite things.  I grew up with horses and I have seen first hand how helpful they can be with trauma and anxiety and depression.  Horses have the ability to read our emotions.  They are in-tune with each other and human emotions.  I have been trained through Littlebit to work with an Equine specialist to provide therapy sessions with clients.  I love working with clients and horses around issues with trauma, anxiety, depression.  Working with horses can also be a form of getting into our bodies, this is often difficult for trauma survivors or people with high anxiety.  If you would like to have a session please fill out the form below.  I look forward to working with you in Redmond, Washington at Littlebit.org. 

If you would like to book an Equine Assisted Psycho-Therapy Session with me please contact me at [email protected] call 4256283354 or fill out the form below. 

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center is proud to announce our new Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) program, a unique and groundbreaking model, used around the country as a dynamic, powerful tool in mental health therapy. EFP specifically targets people with mental and emotional health issues, stemming from traumatic life events, chemical imbalances, cognitive disorders and a wide range of other mental and emotional health problems.

Through Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy, the focus is not horsemanship or horseback riding, but rather a safe place for the client and therapist to engage in activities with a horse or horses, and use the horse(s) to help process feelings, thoughts and reactions. The horse serves as a giant “biofeedback machine” so that therapists can easily see the client’s motives, reactions and abilities. Horses are uniquely suited to this kind of therapy, because they are intuitive and will react to behavior patterns and cues that people might miss, allowing the therapist and patient to interact on a deeper level and address issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Studies show that Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy has been helpful for patients in the following areas: assertiveness, emotional awareness, empathy, stress tolerance, flexibility, impulse control, problem-solving skills, self-actualization, independence, self-regard, social responsibility, interpersonal relationships, grief/loss, cognitive disability, ADD/ADHD, autism, personality disorders, anxiety/depression, mood disorders, PTSD, and emotional/physical trauma.

Little Bit is partnering with local mental health therapists to provide EFP services at our facility. These therapists will work hand in hand with a PATH certified Equine Specialist from the Little Bit staff. 

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