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Covid Anxiety Got You? Ten Helpful Tips For Managing Anxiety and Trauma During a Pandemic

If you live at a high level of anxiety and trauma before Covid 19, chances are you may find that your anxiety is off the charts right now.  Cleaning your door knobs, groceries? Do you find yourself thinking about where your going to get more toilet paper?  Worrying about the people you love and trying desperately to control this new normal when there is nothing normal about any of it.  

The truth is that people who have suffered a high level of trauma often are the ones that function pretty well during crisis.  They have lived this way, during crucial coming of age development stages in their lives.  This is their normal.  Except it does take a toll on the central nervous system and many find that they are up late at night, binge watching television, and find them selves feeling like their executive functioning is shutting down.  Shorter attention span, lashing out at loved ones and feeling liked a crazed toilet paper hoarding version of themselves.  

Below are some tips to help you reduce anxiety. As a counselor I work with clients daily to help find tools to help them reduce their anxiety, regulate their emotions and get themselves grounded when anxiety is high.  Here is a list of some things you can do to help.  It is important to note that this is not a one size fits all list.  What works for some may not work for others.  It is helpful to discover what works for you.  Remember anxiety is just doing it's job and for many of us that job is helping to keep us safe.  So go easy on yourselves and your anxiety.  It is working as a protection shield and trying to make sense out of all of this.  Here is the list of ten things you can do to help reduce anxiety.  

1. There is something about water and taking a shower that helps reduce anxiety.  0127694001586234101.jpg

2. Put your legs up on the wall.  This helps reset your central nervous system and gets you grounded. There is something about reversing our systems. 0419308001586234133.jpg

3. Get a weighted Anxiety Blanket.  Wrap yourself like a taco.  Give in to the anxiety. 


4.  Try EFT Tapping.  You can look this up online or make an appointment with an EFT trained tapping practitioner. 


5. Go on a nature walk.


6. Listen to guided meditation or your favorite music. 


7.  Stay in the present moment.  Use all five senses to think about your peaceful place.  Visualize all five senses in your peaceful place. 


8. Buy yourself your favorite flowers, you can even order online. 


9. Write a letter to your anxiety, thank it for protecting you, and keeping you safe.  Let it know that you no longer need it and you are ok. 


10. Help others, Community Service.  When we give to others we heal something in ourselves.  






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